Google Skillshop gives you free online courses and certifications for Google services and tools!

Google Skillshop

What is Google Skillshop?

Google Skillshop (formerly Academy for Ads or AdWords Academy) lets you learn and master the Google tools e.g Google A/B Testing tool you use/want to use at work with totally FREE ONLINE TRAINING!

And the best thing is these courses are provided by Googleles’ employees 💪 !!

Google Skillshop - formerly Academy for Ads or AdWords Academy

What can I get from Google Skillshop?

You could get a lot! like the following 👇

  1. Certifications which will empower you to enter the job market with high and professional skills, some strong academic info from Google, and if you will work for a digital or performance marketing agency that will give them a lot of credibilities! “because of Google partners program”
  2. Professional online courses and training which are provided by Google staff!
  3. Keep yourself updated  let yourself to be updated with new Google tools and updates they announced for like  Google Marketing Platform and their amazing sub-tools

What kind of Certifications could I gain via Google Skillshop?

Actually, there are a lot! first Skillshop gives you the opportunity to start some training to be familiar with Google’s tools, then they let you answer some small exams, and after that, you will be ready for passing the final certification exams!

let us see which kind of Certifications you get gain:

  • Google Ads Certifications “You could be a Google partner by passing 2 of them plus the fundamentals one”
    • Google Ads Search Certification
    • Google Ads Display Certification
    • Google Ads Video Certification
    • Shopping ads Certification
    • Google Ads – Certification
    • Once you complete training, then pass their exam you will get the certification and you can directly attach it to your cv, Linkedin like me, or event print and hang it on the wall 😀 !

Regarding to the professional online courses and training you could take them for the previous tools “ads types” or even in the following tools!

*Note: Google My Business or GMB is a very strong and important tool if you have an offline business and want to be ranked in search results “SEO” So that course will be very helpful for you, even if you don’t have a website yet!

And keep in your mind mind

With Google Skillshop you could master the following skills/tools via free online courses and earn some certifications after passing their exams 🎉

*Update: Google is always updaing thier courses and adding new awsome ones! so keep add this artcile to your bookmarks and keep checking it one a month!

Let us know if you have previous experience with Google Skillshop or if you have any questions related to any previous point plz let us know in the comments below 👇 🤗

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  1. Hiii , I want to do theses course. Someone help me to find out write cours wich is useful for my career. I did BCom earlier.

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