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google academy courses and certification

Google Skillshop What is Google Skillshop? Google Skillshop (formerly Academy for Ads or AdWords Academy) lets you learn and master the Google tools e.g Google A/B Testing tool you use/want to use at work with totally FREE ONLINE TRAINING! And the best thing is these courses are provided by Googleles’ employees 💪 !! What can … Read more

How is Digital Marketing Different from Online Marketing?

Digital Marketing vs online marketing

This Blog post has been written for a project of Digital Marketing Nanodegree program by Amr Atef.

Marketing, E-Marketing “Electronic Marketing”, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing

A lot of Terminologies, with a lot of declensions!
What to do to know the meaning of real meaning of these terminologies and to know the difference between each other?

We’re going to Discover the Answer inside this article Now 😉 !

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