<span class='p-name'>How is Digital Marketing Different from Online Marketing?</span>

How is Digital Marketing Different from Online Marketing?

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Marketing, E-Marketing “Electronic Marketing”, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing

A lot of Terminologies, with a lot of declensions!
What to do to know the meaning of real meaning of these terminologies and to know the difference between each other?

We’re going to Discover the Answer inside this article Now 😉 !

Digital Marketing VS Internet Marketing – Reliablesoft

As we saw in the previous photo, the Digital Marketing term is The Umbrella of others terms.

So, Digital Marketing is big one and contain the following: Phone Apps, Podcasts & Radio, Electronic Billboards, TV, and Online Marketing

A lot of people says Digital marketing instead of Online Marketing.
So, let’s know what is online Marketing contain ⏬

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing

So Digital Marketing is the Big Picture of all others.

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