Why is a Digital Marketing course Must be your next step! – Amr Atef

This Blog post has been written for a project of Digital Marketing Nanodegree program by Amr Atef.

It’s Digital Era

For that reason I’ll chose to talk about why you muse take a Digital Marketing course

If you one of these people

Business Owner- Founder – Entrepreneur
Marketing specialist – and all other function of Marketing
Sales specialist

So you have to put Digital Marketing course on your nearly plan to know at least the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

But, What is the best course for digital marketing?

There are a lot of online Resources for learning Digital Marketing like

But, I recommend you to Study Digital Marketing Nano Degree which provides by Udacity

Let’s see Udacity syllabus contant

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Content Strategy
  • Hubspot – Social Media Marketing
  • Social media Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Display Ads – Google Ads
  • Email Marketing – Mailchimp
  • Measure & Optimize by Google Analytics for any website
  • Plus Real Budget for Facebook Ads + Google Ads and Free Access to MOZ SEO Software !!