Ask Google Campaign – Google Egypt


This Blog post has been written for Digital Marketing Nanodegree program by Amr Atef.

“Google it” Who doesn’t know the meaning of these beautiful two words!

Actually, Google became from a long time the worldwide #1 Search engine because of all its Awesome features like Speed, Multi- languages supporting, local searching, video, photo, and news searching

Besides, it’s integrated-ready services and products   Like Gmail, Keep, Calendar, Contacts, Chrome, Drive, and more. see all Google products and services from here.


On the other side Google knew that the percentage of smartphone owners are increasing and the internet connection availability by Mobile Data or WiFi became easier than before in Egypt are day by day, But Actually a lot of these people doesn’t use Google search in their daily live, In spite of a bad habit is widespread is Egypt which is “Laying” or as the sense is correct if you ask a stranger in the street about specific address they’ll answer you In spite of maybe they don’t know what you are talking about, That’s the problem !

So, How could Google use this big opportunity to make brand awareness about their beautiful searching with local-news features for new smartphone users? Exactly as you think, an Awareness campaign 🙂

So they made a series of video contain 3 funny videos rolling around sports information and news, the campaign was published during the world cup of football ⚽ So they used that trend and made they videos around sports.

Want to see the following videos in the same Campaign for Google? You could find them in Google Arabia YouTube Channel