woocommerce 5.0 – What are the new updates and the changelog for this version?

woocommerce 5.0.0

woocommerce 5.0 has been released on Tuesday  2021-02-09 with a lot of major updaes like the following : Enhancement – Create additional download permissions for simple downloadable products that are converted to variable products provided that there are variations offering the same files. #28521 Enhancement – Export SASS variables as CSS variables. #28709 Tweak – … Read more

Google Skillshop gives you free online courses and certifications for Google services and tools!

google academy courses and certification

Google Skillshop What is Google Skillshop? Google Skillshop (formerly Academy for Ads or AdWords Academy) lets you learn and master the Google tools e.g Google A/B Testing tool you use/want to use at work with totally FREE ONLINE TRAINING! And the best thing is these courses are provided by Googleles’ employees 💪 !! What can … Read more

Google A/B Testing tool (Google Optimize) – How to use and could is it optimize CR?

Google optimize use

Would you like to save more budget, optimize conversion rate, save a lot of effort or even save time via a lovely tool called Google Optimize? Note: Google is offering a lot of courses for their tools, one of them is for Google optimize. you could see more info from clicking on here 👉 Google Skillshop. … Read more