Google A/B Testing tool (Google Optimize) – How to use and could is it optimize CR?

Would you like to save more budget, optimize conversion rate, save a lot of effort or even save time via a lovely tool called Google Optimize?

Note: Google is offering a lot of courses for their tools, one of them is for Google optimize. you could see more info from clicking on here 👉 Google Skillshop.

Do you dream to link A/B Testing software directly to Google Analytics soo you could measure which version works better so you continue investing in it and optimize the bad one more time?

No dreaming from now, A/B Testing with all previous functions CAME TO THE GROUND 🤩


The Secret/Answer is Google optimize

It’ll help you if you need to test any of the following inside the landing page/any normal web URL:

    • Call to Action Button

    • Webpage or Content Color/style

    • Media files types

    • Specific image “e.g: product, …etc”

    • Specific question

    • A specific part of the page

    • or even the whole page

    • Comparing locations, devices,….etc


To enhance any of the following metrics:

    • Goals “which is you did in G Analytics”!

    • Bounce rate

    • PageViews

    • Revenu

    • Session Duration

    • Transactions

    • and more….


Cool, But how could I use Google Optimize AB Testing tool?

it’s very easy just As the following “the short video is included at the end of this article”

  1. Link an Optimize container with your Google Analytics account

  2. implementation is a one-time adjustment to the Google Analytics snippet

  3. deploy the code, then enable their Google Ads accounts to be linked to Google Optimize

  4. Then start testing!


Didn’t get excatly what I mean? Cool, you could see this video talking about how to optimize conversion rate for an eCommerce website.

Its setup is very easy!

Just watch this video by Dan Florin – Global Produce lead at Google  👇


If you handling eCommerce business and caring about your CR and CRO “Conversion rate optimization” and would like to maximize your profit to the next level, Feeling confused between a lot of A/B testing software and tools and don’t know you have which one to choose? a lot of tools and a lot of hassles, right? Cool, Google optimize for A/B testing will help you! enjoy it 😃 !


If  you need some more info plz check this URL

You could start Start A/B Testing With work by Google Optimize


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